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We marvel at her beauty and intelligence,
we observe and learn,
we merge and grow,
we are a part of her!⁠


To be moved.⁠
We move for many reasons, be it to express ourselves, to connect with others, to communicate or to explore and discover. It moves us to experience human development, how people, moved and moving, shape their lives and their environment.
Understanding the embodied activity of human nature enables us to inspire, shape and support living mobility, movement and moving experiences.
The need for movement is deeply rooted in human nature. Movement is life.


Real innovation does not come about easy but in the end it should feel natural, self evident and intuitive and as Elon Musk says "Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough." That's why we test ideas as fast as possible by making them tangible, iterate and learn by doing.
An innovation always has a context from which it emerges, it is a leapfrog progress, a radical evolution.
JET e-Paper pricemast, 2015
Improved readability, reduced footprint.
Content is best readable black on white.
In 2015 we developed the worlds first price sign with ePaper technology, becoming the world?s largest ePaper a cooperation with e_ink for the jetpetrol station.
By choosing the efficient ePaper technology we were able to ensure an excellent day and night readability of petrol prices even from far away, while reducing the environmental footprint in terms of energy consumption and extending its lifetime.
By illuminating the JET logo with a combination of backlit and frontlit, we ensured that both the blue and yellow brand colors are displayed evenly both day and night.
The overall construction of the price sign is modular so that all parts can be used to build one family, reducing the cost of production.
Frozen, 2012
Rethinking convenience food.
We have developed a clever soup concept by layering frozen ingredients according to their cooking-speed.⁠ This makes the preparation extremely easy: The lowest layer is the broth which melts first so that the following ingredients (eg. veggies) have enough liquid to cook in. Lastly fine herbs or other toppings melt into the meal.⁠
Our innovative concept can be used for various combinations and most importantly: It’s fun as well!!
DYO Terminal, 2007
Design Your Own
In 2007 we developed a „Design your own“ Terminal for a global cigarette brand, as part of a series of formats aimed to increase brand awareness focusing on customer experience at clubs and music events. Created from scratch, the interface displayed animations that got translated in real time into pack designs and vice versa, allowing each person to customize both the front and back of the pack while being a VJ for the crowd. Our patented printing system allowed both sides of the pack to be printed simultaneously.⁠
This DYO Terminal was produced over 50 times and was present at countless events enhancing the brand touch points at a high level.⁠


Experience comes before understanding.
To perceive something consciously and to be able to empathize with actions, to recognize (behavioral) patterns, is the key to natural experiences. Experiences originate from emotional understanding, which only becomes the desired experience through creative action with the appropriate tools.
Feeling, thinking, acting, sharing.
Europcar, 2006
Opening space for interaction
The design of the new service architecture for Europcar is a radical departure from the alienating, rigid straight-line separation of traditional service counters. The dynamic geometry opens up the space to create a more discreet and more intense relationship with the customer. Communication takes place at eye level, and each customer receives the benefits of an exclusive advisory situation. This results in an increasingly direct service and procedures that are readily understandable.

The new brand appearance also developed by feldmann+schultchen represents the emotional background to the highly functional service architecture. The Europcar logo banded in bright-green, yellow and black, which evokes the image of a landscape rushing past the observer, is used as a key visual in Europcar communications.
Beach Sailing, 2014
Outside the comfort zone
Every year we celebrate our Christmas party with the team - and every year the "party" is different. One of the more memorable trips was beach sailing in northern Germany, in December. Not only did we successfully push everyone out of there comfort zone to experience something new, but the team spirit during and after the sail in rough conditions was always good!
Workshops, 1994 - today
Answers and inspiration
Our observant and empathic workshops often build the base to work on new challenges. We use them to deeply understand a topic, brainstorm first ideas or just play around with different stimuli. In the end our aim is the experience instead of the final result.


Every task emerges from a feeling and every solution leads to a feeling.

We always ask ourselves at the beginning:
"What should it feel like in the end?"

Without empathy we could not answer the question.
Without empathy we could not work.

Arne Schultchen
Deutsche See, Fishbox, 2008
How should a fresh fish box feel?
For the transported fish and the people working with the box it should "feel" as natural as the ocean a cutout piece of ocean!
This empathic leitmotif originated from our research and has contributed to a pleasant working environment, multiple operational benefits (e.g. being able to see inside the boxes, even when they are stacked), 15% less damaged fish and saved millions in logistical costs.

"The Deutsche See fresh fish reusable crate is an absolute role model within the fish industry. [...] In 2006, Deutsche See decided to develop a new pioneering system that relies on environmentally friendly reusable materials in its daily business with fish. [...] The special construction with a "flowing" inner shape guarantees a particularly fish-friendly shipping." - Deutsche See
Deutschland Multicolor, 2016
As a statement for a relaxed and friendly Germany we mixed the German colors and extended the national color spectrum.
Five equally divided colours create a warm, soft and harmonious combination: a new symbol for a more tolerant, relaxed and shared feeling of Germany.
Standing Desk, 1996
Featured in the international design yearbook by Philippe Starck, of 1997/98, the standing desk distinguishes itself through its functional and simple design. All shapes and angles are created by a logical structure which leans towards you and builds an empathic, comfortable work companion.


An icon is something simple that stands for something big - a condensed, abstract medium that embodies a set of values and views or a way of life.
In order for something to be called iconic it has to represent or be associated with a culture.

It needs to be shared to keep its forcefield alive and incorporate new associations that enrich the inherent culture - so over time, for example, a beer brand evolves into a symbol for a lifestyle, a district, a city.
Icons are not created as such but, if done right, bundle enough energy to become one.

Armin Warnecke
Astra, 2000 - today
Creating an icon
We found the basic components of the icon, the new brand identity, in the natural environment of the brand and its consumers:
The heart as a symbol of joie de vivre on the Hamburg Kiez, the world-famous Reeperbahn. The anchor as a symbol for the port and the home city of Hamburg. In the Astra Heart Anchor, we united these two to create a distinctive symbol that, like a smiling tattoo, has meanwhile become Hamburg's secret trademark and has become so deeply rooted in people's hearts that no one believes it has ever been any different.
NIVEA MEN Creme, 2015
From brand to icon
After redesigning the new NIVEA MEN design language and the new round logo in 2013, we worked together with Beiersdorf to create a male counterpart to the world-famous blue NIVEA tin. The new aluminium creme tin is a care tool developed in the best NIVEA tradition. Now with a fast-fitting screw cap, a ribbed profile with good grip and, for the first time, safely stackable through the embossed lid and bottom. This iconic creme tin is the direct translation of the brand, the NIVEA MEN start button, into a striking tool for intuitive and straightforward men's care.
Bacardi Corto, 2006
Transferring an icon into a product
"Small, exciting, tasty and made from the finest Caribbean Bacardi rum: from now on Bacardi Corto will be a highlight of the evening in the high-quality gastronomy. The lifestyle spirit does not only stand out through its presentation and marketing. The focus on taste and quality for short but sophisticated enjoyment is also new in this spirits segment. [...] Packaged ready to drink in a high-quality 2 cl glass with a relief of bat wings and Bacardi logo as well as an aluminium lid."

- Bacardi Germany, 2006
Grossmarkt Hamburg, 2017
The green heart of Hamburg
"Why do we need a sign? Measured in terms of the services we provide for the City of Hamburg, our level of awareness among Hamburgers is rather low.
In times when not only WHAT is becoming more and more important, but also HOW, this is a situation that should be improved. Knowing where healthy products come from, how they are processed and what journey they have made will be more important than ever.
The people of Hamburg should develop an awareness of why the wholesale market plays such an important role for life in their city."
- Grossmarkt Hamburg


Simple is better to understand.
Simple is better to transform.
Simple is better to use.

Simplicity enables unity.
Simplicity enables diversity.
Simplicity enables everything.

We simply love it.
We simply do it.
We simply share it.

Arne Schultchen
5,0 Original, 2006 - today
Beer - that's it!
"Every beer needs that homespun touch. That would appear to be the central theme of German beer advertising. That's why most breweries try so hard to imbue their brands with robust local character. It's got to be premium, loud and expensive: shiny gold foil and TV ads featuring national heroes. At the eye of this marketing typhoon, a new beer has emerged: 5,0 Original. It has all the promise of a genuine quality beer; understatement and sincerity. It is five degrees of alcohol at an honest price. Because it sticks to the essentials, 5,0 finds its niche where every true German beer belongs: in calmness and strength. And when our work is done we smile inwardly and remind ourselves that 'beer is good'."
Carlsberg, Basic Crate, 2006 - today
Customizing mass-production
The original task was the unification of beer brand signs of the Carlsberg brewery group. In successfully doing that we discovered the potential of more unity and developed a universal beer crate for Carlsberg along with the strategy and technical implementation. Instead of allocating a specific little home to each beer, our creation of the Carlsberg Basic Crate developed ONE stage for the many brands of the brewery.
The system of 7 universal crates along with the In-line relabelling process replaces 140 individual crates! The ability to rebrand the crates according to demand significantly increases the amount of creates in circulation. Due to the crates shape the manufacturing with only one material not only reduced costs but also simplified the process and implemented sustainability.⁣
MyRight!, 2011
Providing a universal gesture
My Right: A universal gesture with your right hand to show: It's My Right! A human rights logo should have the power to activate the most imperative of all: the individual claim to human rights.
The dove-like hand symbol speaks a universal language. It is an act of human rights with a simple and yet strong gesture. With a closed fist and the right thumb pointing towards oneself, every human being can publicize personal hardships, needs or opportunities. It's MY RIGHT.


To sustain abilities

Sustainability is more than just quickly disappearing without leaving a footprint.
Sustainability is the ability to remain valuable: to be useful and helpful, to serve and to support. And when the needs change, it is the ability to adapt to fulfill a new purpose ? again and again? it is the ability to live!

The traces that a sustainable being carries are worthy signs ? the sustaining sound of its life. When its life ends, it transmits its vibration? or it fluidly transforms into a new form. And a new life begins again.

Arne Schultchen
Philipp und Keuntje, 2000
Timeless work environment
Back in 2000 the advertising agency Philipp und Keuntje moved into a new space, an old parish house. We created and supervised the transformation of the old building into a professional workspace for creative collaboration, concentration and off time - while work was in full progress!
Almost 20 years later the house is still home to creative studios and coworking spaces. The interior design gives structure but leaves enough freedom to enable people to adapt to the ever changing work environment.
TeeJays, 1995
Sustainable clothing packaging
TEE JAYS clothing packaging. Back in 1995 most clothes (shirts, jumpers, etc.) were wrapped around a piece of cardboard and sealed in a plastic bag for protection.
This durable and sustainable design, by design for human nature, is essentially a sheet of cardboard that transforms into a pack with a flow of simple moves - turning reduction into an (eco-friendly) business advantage. No plastic, no problem.
GoodCup, 2018
Eco-friendly disposable cup
We entered the NextGen CUP challenge by big food-service industry partners to design the future of take-away beverages. Our solution was among the 29 shortlisted semi-final entries out of 480 ideas from all over the world.
GoodCup is a holistic solution to build sustainable consumer habits through a deposit system, disposable cups and reusable cup producer partnerships. Our GoodCup and the redesigned lid are entirely composed of paper with a biodegradable liner.


Playfulness is a human trait that we preserve, actively use and encourage. Whether we learn, work or take breaks - we do it playfully.
We believe the best ideas and strongest concepts emerge from this approach. Fun and professionalism are not opposites but mutually enriching.
The fun we have in our work reflects into our projects and the collaborations with our clients and partners.

Armin Warnecke
Customization Workshop, 2017
Exploring DIY
Who could better describe the feelings and thoughts of a teenager than themselves? Together with a group of teenage girls some of our designers playfully explored what customization of skin care could look like.
Lippeltstrasse, since 2015
Free your mind: Get dunk at work
Our open space is a lab, a workshop, an exhibition, project room and sometimes a gym. We love a short after work round of Basketball or just taking a quick active break after lunch.
Sound Machine, 1994
Touchless loop station
Back in 1994 Arne and André designed a magical experience for an international exhibition in honor of Jimi Hendrix.

The digital loop sampler could be played like an air-harp way above the tubes to trigger and scratch the sounds. Back then even Lenny Kravitz gave it a try with his dreadlocks during the exhibition in The Museum of Modern Art.

Incorporating such sensors into a digital loop sampler elevated the experience and made very memorable impression half way around the world.


My fellow human being

Working for your human nature implies working with you as a human.

With your intuitive movements, with your everlasting ability to learn, your deeply rooted empathy, your sense of community, your love for nature, your desire to play and your ability to contemplate. Your positive qualities are to be used and empowered.

Based on this mindset we design signs, processes, tools and environments aiming to motivate, move, support and delight you as a person.

When working with the human being, the simple fact of acknowledging people only as consumers and continue to design new products that satisfy their insatiable and constant appetite will not succeed. On the contrary, working with people means awakening their personal abilities and encouraging them to evolve.

Togetherness leads to human development.

For 25 years now we advise our clients to consider the importance of human nature on their work and products. From human to human.

Arne Schultchen
HOMO, 1991
Fellow human sitting
First and foremost, design for human nature means feeling and understanding our own nature. What moves us, how do we behave, where do things help us to be more ourselves?

One of our first products is an easy chair, arm chair, a sitting and moving opportunity. A "moving chair" called HOMO.When we observe ourselves and our counterparts, hardly anyone sits symmetrically or always in the same position.

We designed this piece of furniture back in 1991. It looks like a sculpture, but feels as cuddly as the arm of a giant.HOMO is a curved backrest on a stool, a body on solid ground: like a human being, ready to be leaned on, to be hugged, to hook in, to give support. HOMO lets you move. Lets you sit the way you feel. Sitting in a constantly changing position, asymmetrical, provoking change.

A piece of furniture with body feeling. From HOMO to HOMO.
Schleswig-­Holstein, Schlaf­strandkorb, 2016
Connecting people to nature
Growing happiness by closely connecting people (tourists) with the region is the aim of the 'Glückswachstumsgebiet', an innovative tourism initiative developed in collaboration with the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Being in nature, experiencing the beauty and strength of nature, makes people happy. Inspired by traditional beach chairs we designed a personal space to enable people to better connect to nature.

A large bed with smart storage capabilities makes staying in nature comfortable and easy while the convertible top provides a customizable sense of security by being weather-resistant and flexible.

In cooperation with the beach chair manufacturer of the "Mensch" Foundation we have developed this innovative serial product for a joy-enhancing experience within nature: in close contact, yet protected - cosiness and open skies, relaxation and rough sea, closeness and vastness.Happiness through innovation.
Arche, Summer party, 2017, 2018
Encouraging children's creativity
Appreciation and trust is what children experience in the Arche - regardless of their social background. They can play, tinker around, make new friends and simply feel safe. That's what we want to support.

At the Arche's summer party we printed colorful bags together with the kids.

That are the kind of things we love to do. Being close to the people, curious and enthusiastic.

we are design for human nature

open innovation company for

sustainable brand and product development.

former feldmann+schultchen




pioneering since 1994.

We empathize NEED, create USE and realize VALUE for customers, products, brands and businesses.

We work close to the people and businesses, always curious and enthusiastic. We love what we do.

We believe it is feelings, thoughts, and actions that shape human behaviour. In every task, we discover the motifs that drive people and take them as the basis for our work.

This approach let‘s us create experiences so natural and self-evident, they feel like they have always been there.

In 25 years we have evolved into one of the most versatile and innovative product and brand consultancies, developing timeless, self-evident and at the same time surprisingly new design and thus lasting values for companies.

We understand the human existence as the interaction of inner- and outer nature. We research, ideate and develop along this essential interdependency.

We believe in learning by doing and building to test and shape experiences immediately.

We are a diverse group of thinkers and makers, a team to envision, define, realize and execute leitmotifs.

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