On a truly successful stage, each performer is showcased perfectly - that is true for the great opera houses as well as elsewhere.

Carlsberg Basic Crate System. The secret of individuality is the bigger picture.

Discussing with our client, the Carlsberg brewery, we realized that each crate is a self-contained, albeit small, universe.

Wouldn't it be wonderful, though, if the universe in its totality was contained in each single world? Then, all individual crates would absolutely make sense as a whole.

design for human nature realized the need and huge potential of more unity and strategically launched, prepared and kicked off the development of the universal crate for Carlsberg, including detailed technical implementation – from the design over selecting materials to the unique relabelling process.

Instead of building a home for every single beer brand, we created the Carlsberg Basic Crate: ONE perfect stage for all the company's brands to perform on.

This way, the crates can be rebranded according to demand. The logo always remains in the same prominent position, right there in the limelight, commanding the new stage of Carlsberg beers.

A system of 7 universal crates along with the in-line relabeling process substitutes up to 140 individual crates.

The ability to rebrand the crates according to demand decreased the number of crates in circulation significantly.

Through the visual contrast of bright and dark on the outside, scratches on the surface are not visible, even after numerous cycles.

Furthermore, production-based flaws such as shrink marks or rippled surfaces which usually let beer crates appear cheap, are invisible. A valuable appearance of the crate is given at any time.

Due to the manufacturing of the crate form only one material, it is not only inexpensive to produce, but also timelessly modern in its design.

As a side effect it trains the brand managers to simplify and focus their brand design to the core.