The Thinking & Making of HORST. A Hub for Urban Creativity.

HORST. The maker’s store.

HORST is a new format. Developed from the users’ perspective – the urban residents and their future: To live better but on less space. To do more together with less. To make life easier, more beautiful and joyful. That’s what HORST is there for, right by your side.


HORST is a helper, an offer, an experience, a community. Urban and creative.
HORST shows you what’s possible, how to do it and what you actually need.

HORST is for tenants rather than house owners, for balconies instead of gardens. Standing for easy, not complicated, individual not ordinary. For handicraft enthusiasts and those who want to become one.
HORST is right in your neighborhood, close by, a cool neighbor.


HORST is welcoming, open and friendly. On just 700 to 1000 square meters retail space.
HORST has a new and innovative shop architecture with central spots rather than endless corridors with shelves. An open and guided experience in a honeycombed-like, module-based and adaptable floor plan for continuous inspiration.


HORST has a walk-in color fan instead of tiny color snippets, a “connector-cabin” in place instead of never ending racks full of screws, a light dome, a sample counter…Specifically developed solution-oriented elements.


HORST collaborates with the best in the industry to choose the few, right products for you. You cannot buy everything but everything you need.

HORST has a unique innovation and system partnership with the industry and receives product innovations first-off, which are nowhere else to be found.


At HORST, you can try out tools, laser wood and get individually print toilet seats. High quality standards can be customized or you can even create products yourself. HORST has state-of-the-art technology: a laser, UV printer, CNC mill.


HORST has a team that comes up to you and creates solutions with you. A team, that creates and shapes themselves and always wants to progress.We don’t know everything, but we want to try and find out everything with you. In workshops with our team you can increase your knowledge and skills.


HORST is casual, exciting and just at the beginning. HORST wants to know, what to improve. HORST wants to learn more and has big plans in the making!

And: HORST wins „Store of the Year” award!


Hamburg, 31 January 2019 – The German Retail Association (HDE) rewards HORST as „Store of the Year 2019“ in the „Home/Living“ category.


HORST. Supplier for urban improvisation. Hardware store for city people.

A hardware store, that isn’t one. In the middle of the quarter HORST presents itself open and friendly. Central places rather than shelf canyons; honeycomb-like shelf islands with interesting cores.


A walk-in color fan, a “connector-cabin”, a light dome to choose the ideal lighting, a real balcony, a sample counter for inspiration.


At HORST you experience what you can create. What you need for it arranges itself clearly and with graphic appeal around those centers of attraction.

In addition a high-tech workshop with laser, UV printer and more – smart services and offers by a young and creative team. Yes, HORST is entirely different: A new, cool neighbor, in the heart of the quarter.


“Making more from less, that is HORST. A stepping stone for urban creativity”, says Arne Schultchen, co-founder of design for human nature about the concept behind the new “makers’ place”.